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Software Engineer

Uses Dive to save documentation from across the internet.



Uses Dive to organize multiple tabs and links.



Uses Dive to share knowledge with friends.


Product Manager

Uses Dive to structure complex resources and ideas into readable threads.



Uses Dive as a moodboard to jumpstart the creative process.

Saturday ☯️


... I wish I could collaborate on my notes with people. Everyone's working towards the same goals all the time and we could be so much better at it if we worked together!

Michael Bloom


I take a lot of both desktop and phone screenshots for school, which becomes super disorganized and cluttered for me. I wish there was a way I could organize these screenshots in a meaningful and contextual manner

Arthur Ashworth


Does anyone have tips on how to store and organize multiple tabs and links? I have too much stuff open all the time



saving a bunch of ideas across different reddit threads / subreddits, it can be annoying to save all those links to specific comments

Michelle Qin


A general problem is organization. Screenshots get scattered across your desktop, notes get lost in different tools n platforms. Would be great to centralize this process with a clean design!

Dival Banerjee 🛸


Papers, snippets, links etc, just get lost really quickly and putting things in shared folders doesn’t work because the original context for a particular resource is lost without the conversation around it(on something like slack or teams)



Better note-taking features for podcasts. It’s hard to capture good clips and connect them to other ideas in my archive.



I find it a struggle to share knowledge with my friends about certain topics. i.e. investing. I can only explain so much, but if I had a vault with all my links, videos, documents to share it’d be easier.

scott poulson-bryant


i need a better system to save websites for research. emailing myself feels so old-fashioned and just crams up my inbox...